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Inner Mind Development Institute

Paranormal Services Group

Jaime T. Licauco
Inner Awareness
Paranormal Services Group
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             During the last twenty years, I have rendered numerous paranormal services and advice to many individuals, groups and business establishments. Many times such requests are for mere referral to healers or psychics. At other times, however, they called for actual field work, interviews,  diagnosis and evaluation of the problem at hand. Many times these consultancy services are given free of charge. People have not yet gotten used to paying for paranormal services the way they are used to paying doctors, lawyers or management consultants. Even my numerous local TV talks and appearances, where I act as a resource person or authority concerning mysterious or bewildering paranormal events, are seldom paid. This is not the case when I appeared in a Japanese and an Australian documentary film. I was paid like any other professional, which should be the case. I think it is high time that this state of affairs vis-a-vis paranormal or psychic services was changed.


            In view of the growing requests I have been getting lately from various quarters for certain intuitive, paranormal, or psychic services, I have decided to formally establish a professional group of Intuitive Consultants from among the more gifted or psychically developed graduates of Inner Mind Development Institute. This will be called either Intuitive or Paranormal Services Group of the Institute.


            The objectives of the group are: 1) To render professional consultancy and counseling services to institutional and individual clients in the fields of paranormal and psychic phenomena, alternative or holistic healing and other extraordinary human experiences which are currently considered outside the scope of traditional science and religion. 2) To conduct systematic research, investigation and documentation on the above subjects and 3) To write articles, journals or books on these subjects.


            Some of the paranormal services to be rendered by these Intuitive Consultants include the following:


  1. Determining or diagnosing the presence of unseen entities that may be causing disturbances in a place, house, school, office, or factory.


  1. Cleansing a place or object of negative of negative energies or casting out evil spirits from a place or person.


  1. Help locate missing persons, victims or relatives.


  1. Conducting hypnotherapy on clients to overcome unwanted fears, or stopping smoking, drinking, over eating and other bad habits.


  1. Advising clients on the proper location and orientation of their house or business establishment for health, prosperity and harmony.


  1. Conducting paranormal healing on clients without the use of drugs, chemicals or any harmful product or practice.


  1. Rendering psychic or intuitive advice on personnel selection, choice of business partners, and similar management decisions.


  1. Assisting the police or the military in locating or pinpointing suspects, or victims.



Membership in the group will be strictly  by invitation only. They will be

composed of properly trained individuals who have shown outstanding paranormal or intuitive abilities in various psychic fields, including healing.


            The members will be asked to pledge adherence to a Code of Ethics any violation of which can disqualify them from the group.


            With the establishment of this highly trained professional and ethical group of Intuitive Consultants, it is hoped that the public will now have a reliable professional and authoritative source of help in this field.



                                                                                   JAIME T. LICAUCO



*If interested please call at tel. nos. 810-72-45 or 892-68-06.