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Inner Mind Development Institute

Jaime T. Licauco
Inner Awareness
Paranormal Services Group
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January              06        Strange events quite common

January              13        Origin of doctor’s symbol

January              20        Arguments on free will and destiny

January              27        Reader ‘sees’ future volcano devastation

February            03        A journey of a thousand miles

February            10        How to recognize a soulmate

February            17        Can visualization make a guy fall for you?

February            24        Of angels and spirit guides

March                 03        How spirits guides, help us

March                 10        On ghosts and astral projection

March                 17        Is the New Age, a tool of the devil?

March                 24        When dreams com true

March                 31        Can I see my wife when I die?

April                    07        “Judge not,”  Jesus said

April                    14        The Pharisees and the Publican

April                    21        Of past and present with hunters

April                    28        Dangers of drug resistant miracles

May                     12        Support from spiritual source

May                     19        A dangerous thought pattern

May                     26        Of dwarfs & other esoteric concerns

June                    02        Flying ghost ship seen in Mindanao

June                   09       Uri Geller demonstrates amazing telepathic power

June                    16         Psychic healer Jun Labo tested in Germany

June                    23         Visualization can heal you

June                   30        Dutch police use psychics in crime-solving efforts

July                      07         Astral projection and the after life

July                     14       Of white ladies, Teilhard de Chardin and religious fanaticism

July                       21        Do the dead manifest themselves?

July                       28        A case of déjà vu 

August                 04         Can ETs marry human?

August                 11         Remote viewing exercises

August                 18         Malaysia surges ahead in psychic research

August                 25         Readers ask about devils, chakras and ESP

September         01         Enlightened on the paranormal

September         08         Psychic surgery for Filipino only

September         15         Healing somewhere in time

September         22         On astral projection and astral sex

September         29         Who is  the “Queen of the

                                               Northern Quadrant?

October              06          Siquijor Island sheds its dark image

October              13          The healing priest of Cavite

October              20           How religion differs from spirituality

October              27           What happens after dream?

November          03           Executive amazed at mind’s potentials

November          10           Where exactly the G-spot?

November          18           Czech boy recovers from tumor

November          24           Experiences with spirits of the dead

December          01           Cavite priest to treat the Pope?

December          15           Thinking not confined to the brain

December          22           Growing search for the sacred

December          29           The Somnambulists