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Inner Mind Development Institute

Jaime T. Licauco
Inner Awareness
Paranormal Services Group
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January              14           Make love, not war!

January              21           A course in miracles

January              28           How ‘Miracles’ book was written

February            04           Has Mt. Banahaw changed?

February            11           Response to ‘Miracles’ course

February            18           Reincarnation and the role of Christ

February            25           Interest in mind development rising

March                04           Healing ourselves by mental imagery

March                11           Are the Agoo apparitions real?

March                18           India’s many surprises

March                25           Invisible creature appears in photo

April                   01           Continue writing, says reader

April                   08           Why visualization fails

April                   15           ‘Invisible’ creature was only a Papuan

April                   22           Puzzled over psychic gifts

April                   29           New TV special explores the unknown

May                    06           Foreign hypnotist holds seminar

May                    13           Dead grandpa ‘appears’ in photo

May                    20           Verify opinions and impressions

May                    27           Reader talks to ghosts, etc.

June                   03           A doctor’s encounter with dwarves

June                   10           Can inanimate objects come to life?

June                   17           Nothing supernatural about fortune-telling

June                   24           New dimension in radio broadcasting

July                     01           Reluctant Prophet

July                     08           Cayce interprets The Lord’s Prayer

July                     15           Cayce points out hidden meaning of ‘Lord’s Prayer’

July                     22           Indiana seminars a success

July                     29           Karmic encounter in Terre Haunte

August               05           Observations during US trip

August               12           Improving your psychic perception through dreams

August               19           Puzzling dreams

August               26           What it means to be born again

September        02           How to open yourself to receive

September        09           Reply to avid teen reader

September        16          Meet Dr. Hamzah, Muslim healer

September        23           What is the New Age all about?

September        30           On paranormal phenomena

October             07           Reincarnation vs. resurrection

October             14           The law of karma at work

October             21           Strange events occur during filming of ‘Mysteries 2000’

October             28           The Lord’s prayer and astrology

November         04           Miracle healer of Bulacan

November         11           Am I psychic or only imaginative

November         18           Baby Arenas and Padre Pio

November         25           Science and psychic phenomena

December         02           ‘Ghost at my window’

December         09           Of cults and freedom of worship

December         23           With the real Jesus please stand up

December         30           Strange writings appear on walls