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Inner Mind Development Institute

Jaime T. Licauco
Inner Awareness
Paranormal Services Group
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January              02        How to handle psychic dreams

January              09        The other meaning of Christ’s birth

January              16        Science and ESP

January              23        Instruments that measure bio energy

January              30        Reality follows thought

February            06        Can psychic use eggs to predict

February            13        Interpreting your own dreams

February            20        Scientists reveal findings on healers

February            27        Reader predicts attempt on his life

March                05        The Universal laws of nature

March                12        Reader always sees spirits

March                19        What is depossession?

March                26        Mt. Banahaw: Reflection of one’s self

April                   02        Detecting the presence of dwarfs

April                   09        Visit mystic Mt. Banahaw

April                   16        Supernatural encounters quite common

April                   23        Intuitive decision-making

April                   30        Reader’s tribute to Helen Vela

May                    07        Dangers of automatic writing

May                    15        World celebrities in Taipei conference

May                    21        Can you be in two places at one time?

May                    28        Making diagnosis through chicken eggs

June                   04        Can astral projection be learned?

June                   11        On encounter with spirit possession

June                   18        Doctor’s encounter with spirit possession

June                   25        Reader dreams of past lives

July                     02        Reply to reader’s letter on dreams

July                     09        How a ‘right brain’ CEO thinks

July                     16        The CEO and his ‘Right Brain’

July                     23        Making decisions and moving on

July                     30        Questions from a Russian teacher

August               06        The power of ‘quantum healing’

August               13        Quantum healing

August               20        Quantum model of the universe

August               27        The difference between life and death

September        03        Reader wants to learn astral travel

September        10        Has my dead father already forgive me?

September        17        Are subliminal tapes effective?

September        24        Why has my son left me?

October             01        An option to conventional medicine

October             08        Go by results, not by scientific bias

October             15        Reader sees father killed

October             22        Must I lose loved ones to get favors?

October             29        Common questions about ghosts

November         05        Could I have prevented my husband’s death?

November         12        On mental telepathy

November         19        So much learning, so little time

November         26        Author James Hurtak and the keys of Enoch

December         03        Dr. James Hurtak’s message for the Philippines

December         10        SRI Scientists prove psychic functioning

December         17        Dangers of hypnotic regression

December         24        In Berkeley, you can walk naked

December         31        An eventful year for New Age people