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Inner Mind Development Institute

Jaime T. Licauco
Inner Awareness
Paranormal Services Group
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January           03        Reader asks about yoga, astrology and

                                        the New Age

January           10        All about the Silva method and others

January           17        Alternative healing methods, 1

January           24        Narrowmindedness is dangerous

January           31        Better to look at the brighter side of things

February         07        Psychic predicted Gulf war

February         14        Readers write

February         21        ‘Manghihilot:’ Boon or bane to RP medicine?

February         28        Medical Research findings on MHTs

March             07        There’s still hope for planet Earth

March             14        Sending, receiving telepathic messages

March             21        Coping with stress

March             28        On mediums, card readers and Christianity

April                04        How to use a pendulum

April                11        Avoiding seasickness

April                18        Are curses for real?

April                25        Develop your psychic ability

May                 02        Religions are expressways to heaven

May                 09        Using Positive mental imagery

May                 16        Do spirit entities really exist?

May                 23        Karma is a natural law

May                 30        It’s time to move forward

June                06        Can spirits cause illnesses?

June                13        Mental imagery and healing

June                20        What really happens after death?

June                27        How far can telepathy reach?

July                  04        Can a psychic see you in the nude?

July                  11        Straight talk about sex

July                  18        UFO sightings documented

July                  25        Saving the planet begins with us

August            01        You are your own guru

August            08        Obsessed with the paranormal

August            15        The best interpreter of dreams

August            22        Imagery brain waves and ESP

August            29        Realism-idealism debate continues

September     05        When are we really dead?

September     12        When are we really dead? (2)

September     19        On reincarnations and gurus

September     26        On precognitive dreams and psi powers

October          03        Achieving goals through imagery

October          10        Learn to find your own answers

October          17        How to break a chain letter without fear

October          24        Psychic surgery not all fakery

October          31        Psychic surgery is genuine, but some

                                      healers are fake

November      07        Researchers study psychic surgery, 3

November      14        Does psychic surgery really exist? (4)

November      21        Dr. Nolen’s bias vs. psychic surgery (5)

November      28        Science writers should report objectively

December      05        Biologist studies RP psychic surgeons (7)

December      12        Psychic surgeon works naked before scientist

December      19        Experiment proves power of prayer to heal

December      26        Reader’s questions answered