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Inner Mind Development Institute

Jaime T. Licauco
Inner Awareness
Paranormal Services Group
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January                   4        Predicting future events

January                 11        US neurosurgeon defends faith healing

January                 18        Dire predictions for 1990

January                 25        Famed biologist scores limitations

                                             of science

February               01        Who started the New Age Movement?

February               08        Which meditation method is best?

February               15        Is astral projection dangerous?

February               22        To produce rain, try magic

March                   01        ‘666’ won’t harm you, unless...

March                   08        Paranormal is really normal

March                   15        WHO and traditional healing practices

March                   22        An encounter with a psychic

March                   29        The gentle art of blessing

April                      05        Church places emphasis on the negative

                                             side of Christianity

April                      12        Mt. Banahaw revisited

April                      19        Do souls return to earth?

April                      26        The mind knows no limits

May                       03        Are we products of reincarnation?

May                       10        Reader ‘talks’ to two dead  persons

May                       17        Reader asks: “How can I love my enemy?”

May                       24        Not into the occult

May                       31        Which versions of the Bible is best?

June                      07        Is the Lipa apparition real?

June                      14        Your mind can keep you well

June                      21        Mind exercises for improved health

June                      28        Visualization exercises vs. ailments

July                        05        The greatest form of flattery

July                        12        The Simonton process of visualization

July                        19        Reincarnation, telepathy and clairvoyance

July                        26        Is astral projection dangerous?

August                  02        Encounter with a New Age Christian priest

August                   9         Can one belong to the New Age and yet

                                             be a Christian?

August                  16        The modern witchhunt begins

August                  23        Reader’s reaction to reincarnation

August                  30        Questions on paranormal science

September           06        Is astral sex possible?

September           13        On mantras, color therapy and talismans

September           20        Gaston Ortigas and innovative


October                04         What dreams about flying mean

October                11         Can a predicted event be avoided?

October                18         Satan’s really a smart chap

October                25         There are many paths to the Divine

November            01         Reader gets confused by vicious

                                              attack vs. New Age

November            22         Hectic European trip recalled

November            29         I experience psychic surgery, Brazilian style

December            06        Religious dialog possible, only if...

December            13        On telepathy and soul mates

December            20        Why Ghost’ is a phenomenal success

December            27        Alternative healing methods are not

                                             always quackery