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Inner Mind Development Institute

Jaime T. Licauco
Inner Awareness
Paranormal Services Group
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January                5      How to communicate with spirits

January              12      Encounter with Swedish psychic

                                        Olof Jonsson (1)

January              19      Jonsson’s dramatic ESP demo, 2

January              26      Jonsson answers questions on ESP, 3

February            02      Recognizing one’s soul mate

February            09      The unborn child can remember events

February            23      The psychic from Nagcarlan

March                 02      Psychic counseling

March                09       Cebu psychic surgeon revisited

March                16       Of divination, automatic writing and ESP

March                23       Do the dead communicate with the living

March                30       How my soulmates seminar became

                                         a sewing class

April                   06       Wife discovers hubby’s affair in her dreams

April                   13       Ancient test for fortune tellers

April                   20       Can Christianity and animism go together?

April                   27       Why develop your ESP?

May                    04       Unique uses of ESP

May                    11       An ESP personality type?

May                    18       What are spirit guides?

May                    25       Filipino healer conquers Argentina

June                   01       Argentinians favor ESP seminars

June                   08       Can we talk to the dead?

June                   15       Using magic chants to bring money

June                   22       People enter our lives for a purpose

June                   29       Accountant-turned-spiritualist

July                     06       What the New Age Breakfast Club is all about

July                     13       An exhibit explores connection between

                                         Philippines and Lemuria

July                     20       The key to getting what you want

July                     27       The awesome power of visualization

August               03        Neither fortune teller nor mind reader

August               10        Scientific bias against the paranormal

August               17        The coeds in the island of sorcerers

August               24        Intuition’s role in management

August               31        What you visualize you can realize

September        07       Specific steps in visualization

September        14       Psychic warfare: Who’s winning?

September        21       ‘Until the flower is in full bloom...’

September        28       On coincidence, the New Age,

                                         ETs and King Arthur

October             05        ESP: Harbinger of our self-mastery

October             12        Author of conduct metaphysics workshop

October             19        Sharpening your judgment

October             26        Controlling one’s psychic powers

November         02        All about mental focus, astral body, etc.

November         09        Execs undergo intuitive management training

November         16        Probing the tarot cards

November         23        Self-discovery for nuns

November         30        Psychic surgery is indeed real!

December         07       Rural folks interested in parapsychology

December         14       Did a spirit entity foretell the coup attempt?

December         21       Truth passes through three stages

December         28       ‘Some people have eyes but cannot see’