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Inner Mind Development Institute

Jaime T. Licauco
Inner Awareness
Paranormal Services Group
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January  2           Communicating with the dead

January 9            Witchcraft victim seeks help

January 16          The amazing powers of the ‘oracion’

January 23          Two sides of the same coin

January 31          Of goblins and buried treasure

February 15        No greater guru than one’s higher self

March 7               Separating the fantastic from the verifiable

March 14             Jesus’ lost years and other mysteries

March 21             Divine revelation in modern times

March 26             Jaime Licauco pays his karmic dues

March 28             Beware of thought pollution

April 4                  Secrets of quartz crystals revealed

April 11                Is astral projection for real?

April 18                Death is an Illusion

April 27                The ghost who ordered her funeral gown

May 2                   Anting-anting for Math?

May 10                 Let’s use our psychics in detective work

May 14                 Strange photo of the Blessed Virgin

May 21                 Makati faith healer “fake”?

May 28                 Why some can see into the future

June 4                  Lesser-known methods of foretelling the future

June 11                On cults, Satanism and Christianity

June 18                Strange photo not of the Blessed Virgin?

June 25                How to handle negative thoughts

July 3                    The female principle, its mystic significance

July 9                     Is psychic Research demonic?

July 16                  Marcos and supernatural

July 24                  Are we ready for the Age of Aquarius?

August 20             En route to the psychic capital of the US

September 24      Psychic encounters in America (Part I)

September 25      The New Age in California (Conclusion)

October 1              Where were you during the harmonic    

                                   convergence? (Part I)

October 2              Meditating for peace (Conclusion)

October 8              Channeling spirits from other dimensions

October 15            The spirit ‘Michael’ on Cory Aquino and

                                  Imelda Marcos

October 22            Ojai, California -- a New Age sanctuary

October 29            Mexican cactus and altered states

                                   of consciousness

November 5           Healer goes into trance on TV

November 12         CEU sponsors book on Phil. trance mediumship

November 19         Psychic research, the devil and religion

November 27         The astronaut and the paranormal

December 3           ‘Mind power is a fact’

December 10         What is a true psychic?

December 17         Meditation group for the New Age

December 24         Secret Gospel reveals human side of Jesus

December 31         1987: busy year for psychic world