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Jaime T. Licauco
Inner Awareness
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International List of Books & Magazines Featuring

JTL & His Works 


1.      Healing Research Worldwide (4 Vols.) by Dr. Daniel Benor, London, 2002


2.      Going Within, A Guide for Inner Transformation by Shirley Maclaine,

            Bantam Books, New York, 1989.


3.     Intuition At Work   edited by Roger Frantz and Alex    Pattakos,

            New Leaders Press, San Francisco.


4.      Marquis Who’s Who (13th edition) U.S.A., 1995


5.      Les Chirurgiens Philippines by Jean-Michel Weiss, France, 1977


6.      Twisted by Jessica Safra,  Anvil Publishing, Philippines


7.      Healing, Regression, Dr. Filderstein, U.S.A.


8.      Realms of Healing by Dr. Stanley Krippner, San Francisco


9.      Stephen Turoff, Psychic Surgeon by Grant Solomon, Harper Collins,

           England, 1997


10.    The Sir Jason Winters Story , London,  England.


11.    Awakening the Healer Within by Andrea Cagan, Simon & Schuster,

            Inc., Los Angeles, 1990


12.   Glaubensheilen In Den Philippinen, Irrtum und Wahrheit,  Curare Magazine,

            Vol. 5, Germany, 1982


13.   The Psychic Child and How to Deal with Him, International Journal  of

            Early Childhood, England, 1984


14.    Philippine Healers, Odyssey Magazine, South Africa, April-May 1984


15.    Guarire Con Lo Spirito, Bio-Energia, Milan, Italy, May 1986


16.    Han Gor Det Okanda Kant for Varlden, Astrologen Magazine, Sweden, 1986


17.    Cronicas, by Jose Rodriguez, Anvil Publishing, Philippines, 2000


18.      Entrevista: Jaime T. Licauco, Entendendo As Cirurgias Psiquicas, 

            Por Elsie Dubugras, E. Eduardo Araria, Planeta Magazine,

            Sao Paulo, Brazil, Nov. 1988


19.     Book on Alternative Healing by Joseph de Ubaldo


20.     The Question of Validation of Psychic Surgery” by Claire G. Walker,

            Proceedings of the Academy of Religion and Physical Research,

            Annual Conference, Rosemont College, Pennsylvania, U.S.A. 1993


21.      Is Sai Baba the Second Christ, by Jaime T. Licauco Sai Baba Newsletter,

            Malaysia, 1987


22.         Paranormal Heilmethoden Aufden Philipppinen,  by Werner Schiebeler,

             Germany, 1974, 2000


23.       My Story, by Lucresia Roces Kasilag, PWU 80th Anniversary Publication,

              Manila 2000.


24.      Healing Arts in the 21st Century, compiled and edited by Josef de Ubaldo,

              Rex Book Store, Manila, 1995


25.     Proceedings of the 4th Intenational Conference on Shamanism

               and Alternative Healing, edited by Ruth Inge-Heinze, Ph.D.,

               University of California, Berkeley, U.S.A., 1988


26.     Life After Death, Proceedings of the Annual Conference of the Association

             for Religion and Parapsychology, edited by Hiroshi Motoyama,

             Tokyo, Japan, 1988


27.     Healing, Doorway to the Spiritual World,  by Donald Mc Dowall,, 

             Cosmos Pty Ltd., Belconnen ACT, Australia 1998.


28.      Traveler Magazine, November 1993,  New York.


29.      Creatia Magazine,  edited by P. K. Sung, Seoul, Korea, 1995 


30.      Forever Young,  by Cory Quirino, Philippines


31.      Experiences Psi,  by Warda Dutoit, Switzerland


32.      Pleasure Be Pain by Mai A. Imperial  by Giraffe Books,  Manila, 1998


33.      History of Philippine Medicine, by Conrado S. Dayrit, M.D.,

             Perla Dizon Santos Ocampo, M.D., Eduardo dela Cruz, M.D.,

             Anvil Publishing, Inc., Pasig, Phil., 2002


34.      A New Church for the New Age, (A Study of the  Challenges Posed

             to the Church by the New Age Movement) by Rev. LODE L. WOSTYN,

             Quezon City: Claretian Publications, 1997.


35.      The Art and Science of Pranic Healing,  by Choa Kok Sui,

             Institute of Inner Studies


36.      The Healing Ministry of Jesus Christ, and Its Implications in

              The Modern World, by Harvey Martin III, Makati City,

              Loyal Printing, Inc., 1986.


37.      The System of Healing Used by The Filipino Espiritistas:

              An Archival Study, Scott Mattew Taubold. A doctoral dissertation,

              Saybrook, Graduate School and Research Center,

              San Francisco, California, April 2003.


38.      1001 Reasons to Stay in the Philippines, by Isagani R. Cruz and

              Lydia B. Echauz, Aklat Peskador, Manila, 1993.


39.      Sycip, Gorres & Velayo & Co, 1946-1996, A Gold Record,

             by  Mary Ann Asico, Corina Carlos, & Gilian Virata, Sycip,

             Gorres, Velayo & Co.,  Makati City, 1996


40.      The Truth About Sickness and Healing, by Donald McDowall, USA, 2003.


41.      “A Travel Guide to the Other Side for Gatekeepers of Death & Rebirth”,

             Jodell Bumatay, published by Dolfina, Sta. Cruz, California, U.S.A., 2003


42.      Proceedings of Asian Traditional Arts Festival 2004,  Seoul Korea


43.    Nurturance and Filipino Entrepreneurial Creativity, (A Doctoral Dissertation),

            by Angelita  Elinon Yu, UP Diliman 2005