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Inner Mind Development Institute

Jaime T. Licauco
Inner Awareness
Paranormal Services Group
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1.     Understanding the Psychic Powers of Man

        Published by National Books Store (1978).


2.    The Truth Behind Faith Healing in the Philippines

        Published by National Book Store (1980).


3.     Magicians of God

        (Revised and combined

        with Truth Behind Faith Healing in the Philippines

        into one volume), Published by Anvil Publishing (1999).


4.     The Psychic World and You

         Revised and Expanded in 1999,

         Published by De La Salle University Press (1982).


5.     Jun Labo, A Philippine Healing Phenomenon

         Published by Inner Mind Development Institute (1985).


6.     True Encounters with the Unknown

         Revised and Expanded in 2000,

         Published by Anvil Publishing (1986).


7.      Beyond Ordinary Reality

         Published by Solar Publishing (1987).


8.      Beyond Ordinary Reality (Vol.2)

         Published by De La Salle University Press (1999).


9.      Exploring the Powers of Your Inner Mind

         Published by Inner Mind Development Institute(1992),

         Revised in 2005 and Published by Anvil Publishing (2005).


10.   Soul Mates, Karma and Reincarnation

         Published by Anvil Publishing (1996).


11.   More Encounters with the Unknown

         Published by Anvil Publishing (1997).


12.   When the Impossible Happens: Confessions

         of a Reluctant Psychic

         Published by Anvil Publishing (1999).


13.   On Christianity, New Age and Reincarnation

        -New Perspectives on Old Religious Issues 

         Published by Anvil Publishing (2004).


14.   Dwarves and Other Nature Spirits

         Published by Rex Publishing, Inc., (2005).


15.    Ghosts in Photos

          Published by Anvil Publishing (2005)





       Intuition at Work (Pathways to Unlimited Possibilities)

               Edited by Roger Frantz and Alex Pattakos

               Published by New Leaders Press, San Francisco, CA 1996




1.         Healing Without Medicine (1976)         

2.         A Practical Guide  to Philippine Healers (1999)                     

3.         The Healing Power of Pyramids (1999)